Cinnamon & Coconut Doughnuts

Happy Sunday everyone!

Hope you are having a lovely blessed day. What have you been up-to?

I’ve spent a good part of my day just watching Breaking Bad. Practically everyone I know has seen it so I’m a little behind. Currently I’m loving it Jesse is a babe, but Skylar is super annoying and she is killing the vibe a little.

One thing, I think my brain can’t seem to wrap it’s head around is the fact that Hal from Malcolm in the middle is a drug lord. Like Heisenberg is so badass! What happened there?

The few moments I haven’t been glued to my Netflix, I’ve spent it baking in the kitchen. As you know this week is National Doughnut Week ( although, I’m beginning to think I was lied to) so I promised to make gluten-free doughnuts this week and share the recipe.

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Places To Eat In…..Hungary, Budapest

Now one of the downsides of staying somewhere so central is a lack of authentic traditional restaurants. It was obvious that they were use to catering for tourists. Maybe next time, I’ll stay in the Buda side. Nonetheless, I did find some great places to eat in Pest which were affordable and super tasty and I thought I would share them for you.

Now, as some of you know. I travel for adventure, experience and…FOOD. So I cannot do a post about this holiday without a little food talk.

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Places to eat in….Sweden, Gothenburg



Strommingsluckan AKA ‘the herring hatch’, is one of Gothenburg’s many street food vendors. Guess it’s only the UK that’s fallen in love with the street food trend.

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Perfectly fried fresh herring served with lingonberries and creamy mashed potatoes. It’s a classic Gothenburg meal, and for just 65 Kr (just under £6). The fish was my favourite part of the meal, it practically melted in my mouth, so delicate and well seasoned. Even though I wasn’t too sold on the mash potatoes, I prefer my mash more saltier I was not disappointed with my meal and highly recommend you visiting.

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Cafe Brogyllen Konditori….

This cafe was actually not on my list of places to visit, but there was a cake emergency.

Remember the Princess Cake aka Prinsesstårta from my Gothenburg Food Wish List?

Practically impossible to find! We searched high and low for it, nowhere seemed to have it, it needed to be ordered in advance. So much for “popular dessert commonly eaten all over Sweden”

I was getting a little frantic as I really wanted to needed it, it was one of he reasons I went. Thanks to Google, I was able to locate the beautiful and very popular Cafe Brogyllen Konditori which sold the elusive Swedish dessert.

Cafe Brogyllen Konditori has a variety of delicious treats, my mum had one of their meringues and said it was amazing. I didn’t even get to have a bite, she was so in love with it that it wasn’t for sharing.



The Prinsesstårta was definitely worth the stress. Soft, creamy and fluffy. Each bite was heavenly in my mouth,the tangy taste of the raspberries and the sweetness of the marzipan were a magical combo in my mouth. I wish I bought a whole cake back with me.


Café Husaren….

Home of the Hagabullen AKA giant cinnamon roll, the rolls there are the size of my head. I’ve never seen them so large. You will probably have to split one of the rolls if you go there, because I doubt you can finish it by yourself.

We went to this cafe to enjoy Fika. Fika is one of Sweden’s most famous traditions – it’s a coffee break essentially. A time where you just relax and chill, I really enjoy my time there.

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Also, a little shout out to their feta/blue cheese and spinach pie. My mum said it was to die for, she barely spoke a word as she polished it off.


Flickorna Choklad &Konfekt…

Amazing boutique chocolate shop you need to visit! The collection of luxury chocolate pieces include goat cheese and honey, lime and chilli and passion-fruit!