Everyone follow me and my journeys at our new home…I’ll follow back.




Changes are coming

Hi guys,

Just a heads up, things are going to get really quiet on this page soon. Why?

I’m jumping ship and launching a new blog in two weeks. A lot has changed since I started this blog. My mentality has changed too and this page no longer fits with my message.

I’m still about food, travel and lifestyle, but now I want to talk more about women issues, insecurities, music, cool projects going on in London, current trending topics….plus my obsession with K-pop and K-dramas need an outlet.

I hope when I launch the new blog, you guys continue to follow me. I intend to follow you all and hopefully, you like the new content. I’m currently brainstorming a new name and will link to my new blog as soon as it is up.

Thanks xxx