Changes are coming

Hi guys,

Just a heads up, things are going to get really quiet on this page soon. Why?

I’m jumping ship and launching a new blog in two weeks. A lot has changed since I started this blog. My mentality has changed too and this page no longer fits with my message.

I’m still about food, travel and lifestyle, but now I want to talk more about women issues, insecurities, music, cool projects going on in London, current trending topics….plus my obsession with K-pop and K-dramas need an outlet.

I hope when I launch the new blog, you guys continue to follow me. I intend to follow you all and hopefully, you like the new content. I’m currently brainstorming a new name and will link to my new blog as soon as it is up.

Thanks xxx


Postcards from……Germany, Cologne

Isn’t it crazy that just last week, I was in Germany walking along the River Rhine? If it wasn’t for the souvenirs and pictures I almost wouldn’t believe I went anywhere.

Weekend trips always fly by so quickly.

Cologne was a very special journey for me. It was my first solo trip and although, it wasn’t a smooth process I really enjoyed myself. It was nice to have a break to think and it helped me feel a whole lot more confident about doing things by myself, not just travelling.

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Love ice-cream? Stuff your face at Magnum’s Pleasure Dipping Bar

To say I had a good lunch today would be a giant understatement. After months of wishing and hoping, Magnum brought back their famous dipping bar!

Today I felt magic  in my mouth! Shout out to Magnum! I love ice-cream, it’s the one thing I can eat Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. So I LITERALLY skipped into the store and dribbled over the counter. The guy even commented on how excited we were. Ha!.



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Destination, Destination, Destination…..Germany, Cologne


How did I forget to mention that I’m going to Cologne this month?  Last year October, I was on a holiday planning spree and I thought it would be great to randomly book a SOLO trip to Cologne, Germany!

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Do you want to travel full-time?

The envy that used to flow through my body, when I went on Facebook and saw that some of my old friends ( frenemies included) were travelling across the world or had migrated used to be so powerful.

I was so jealous that they were off experiencing a new type of freedom, adventures… a lifestyle, I was sure I wouldn’t be able to experience.

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Desserts at…Naspolya Nassolda


Lets have a little flashback for Friday! Back to Budapest, we go.

The most delicious highlight of my trip to Budapest was discovering Naspolya Nassola, a cafe which serves raw desserts and treats. I was quite jealous when my brothers treated themselves to cakes at Dessert Neked, I even considered getting something and risking the bloating. Thank the Lord, I happened to pop outside!

The words Glutenmentes (gluten-free) were in big bold words in the window of the store next door and I was saved from an evening of cramps by Naspolya Nassola.

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Pop up of the month: Krispy Kreme’s #Holeinthewall

It’s Wednesday! Only two more days to go until the weekend and I have some awesome news to share, its National Doughnut week! (As well as five other national something weeks, like who creates these things?).

I love doughnuts! I love them so much they are my actual weakness. I have this awful story about me being drunk in Asda with a pack of 12 doughnuts that I could share, but I think I’ll save for another time.

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