Anna’s Chicken Curry


This week is National Curry week, so to celebrate this delicious occasion. I decided to make a chicken curry from scratch!

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Rice with grilled halloumi and vegetables.


I went on a giant shopping trip yesterday and picked up some halloumi cheese along the way. I love cheese, especially grilled halloumi

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Pesto Pasta With Prawns


I have been ill lately, so I wasn’t able to upload Sunday’s recipe until now. Since I started writing this blog, I eat a lot more home-cooked meals now, I love it.

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Pan Fried Sweet and Sticky Pork Belly With Vegetables


Yesterday, I tried to get my size 12 jeans on…they were stuck around my knees for about 15 minutes before I gave up. It was at this point that I realised my diet of Pizza, Chinese, grilled cheeses, fizzy drinks and chocolate wasn’t working.

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