Now one of the downsides of staying somewhere so central is a lack of authentic traditional restaurants. It was obvious that they were use to catering for tourists. Maybe next time, I’ll stay in the Buda side. Nonetheless, I did find some great places to eat in Pest which were affordable and super tasty and I thought I would share them for you.

Now, as some of you know. I travel for adventure, experience and…FOOD. So I cannot do a post about this holiday without a little food talk.

When I mentioned being excited to try Hungarian food, my friends didn’t reply with the best response.

“Enjoy bland food with lots of potatoes”

Negative much?

Do not fall into that trap; don’t judge a country’s cuisine until you have tasted it. Hungarian food tastes so nice. There was a lot of meat involved in a few of their dishes, but I managed to find vegetarian options AND…gluten-free choices!

I’m still on the hunt for a restaurant in London that serves gluten-free pasta yet Budapest has it cover? Nope, we need to fix up.

I was very pleased with every meal I tried out there. However, I am bias and there are two traditional Hungarian dishes that I definitely recommend trying ; Goulash and Langos. Out of all the things I ate, including chicken gizzards, these ones were my favourite.



Don’t be overwhelmed by the name Goulash, it’s nothing too exotic. It’s just a simple beef stew with vegetables. I’m not going to say it’s bursting with flavours and attempt to sound like a cheesy advert. What I will say is that it is really nice and filling, real comfort food.


Check out my top four places to eat in Budapest (Pest side):

Steg Fish Bar

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Steg Fish Bar
Close up: Catfish and chips
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Catfish and chips with tartar sauce
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Steg Fish Bar in Budapest

Okay, I know it sounds super cliche to go abroad and have some classic English food like fish and chips, but I’m so glad I did. Steg Fish Bar is amazing!  I’ve officially been converted to battered catfish and flat fries, this meal was heavenly! The best fish and chips I’ve ever had in my life.

Burger and Pasta Bar

Did I mention I found a pasta bar that sells gluten-free? No?  Well now I am. It sells delicious pasta which is gluten-free, what more is there to say?

pasta bar.jpg

Caesar Salad, Spinach e Scampi and Carbonara
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Pasta Bar Menu

The portions are generous and it’s all freshly prepared in front of you. If you happen to stay on Kiraly Street and you want a burger, pasta or salad this is the one for you.

Yiddish Mamma Mia

My mum’s birthday was on the Monday, so we decided to treat her to a fancy mid-range restaurant called Yiddish Mamma Mia. It was a lovely Jewish restaurant in the Godzu Udvar that we found on our first night.

We started the night off with shots of Palinka ( the server told us too!) before ordering.

Black ink seafood risotto in Yiddish Mamma Mia
Goose with cabbage and red onion jam in the Yiddish Mamma Mia

I’m not going to lie, my meal was ordered out of sheer curiosity. Thankfully, I was more than pleased with my risotto. Risotto can be a hit or miss, sometimes it’s way too creamy and others the texture isn’t right. This was perfect, I left my plate empty! I didn’t even offer anyone a bite.

Dessert Neked

Calling all sugar fiends! I have found your promised land and it is Budapest. There is a sugary haven called Dessert Neked, in Budapest which is a pastel coloured sugarland.

Mini Meringue pieces in Dessert Neked
Dessert Neked display case
Dessert Neked
Dessert Neked Cake Display

Well until next time xxx


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