Love ice-cream? Stuff your face at Magnum’s Pleasure Dipping Bar

To say I had a good lunch today would be a giant understatement. After months of wishing and hoping, Magnum brought back their famous dipping bar!

Today I felt magic¬† in my mouth! Shout out to Magnum!¬†I love ice-cream, it’s the one thing I can eat Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. So I¬†LITERALLY skipped into the store and dribbled over the counter. The guy even commented on how excited we were. Ha!.



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Destination, Destination, Destination…..Germany, Cologne


How did I forget to mention that I’m going to Cologne this month? ¬†Last year October, I was on a holiday planning spree and I thought it would be great to randomly book a SOLO trip to Cologne, Germany!

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Why I can’t bring myself to buy jeans


It’s been over a week since I’ve posted. I’ve been crazy busy getting ready for my friend’s wedding, dealing with giant shit storms at work…I don’t know, I feel so overwhelmed right now, it’s crazy.

I was going to use this weekend to recharge, but I haven’t…it’s been a bloody mess really.

Yesterday, I even committed a sin against my gluten-free body. I ate a large pizza from Papa John and wasted the whole Sunday being slumped. Was I bloated or constipated? No, but I was lethargic and I felt like so guilty.

Now, why did I do this? Because I made plans to go out and I left two of my three jeans at my Uncle’s – the third was dirty and completely unwearable.

Three jeans.

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La Boqueria in Old Spitafields Market #LovingLondon

I can’t believe I forgot to post this! Last bank holiday weekend, while feeling sorry for myself because I was ill. I came across this interesting blog piece by This FP Planet. A travel blog I love reading , you should definitely check it out.

For the last three years, La Boqueria has been exclusively visiting and setting up at Southbank as part of their annual Campo Viejo’s Streets of Spain event.

This year, Estrella Damm took the market on a little detour and brought La Boqueria to Old Spitafields market for the 4 days. La Boqueria is a famous¬†market in the Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona and Estrella Damm ( makers of the best bottled Sangria) brought this famous market to us and all it’s lovely Spanish delights for us to try.


The only word I think describes what I saw today. There were stalls selling incredible tapas, fresh produce to take home and ice-cold Estrella Damm.

La Boqueria1

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Do you want to travel full-time?

The envy that used to flow through my body, when I went on Facebook and saw that some of my old friends ( frenemies included) were travelling across the world or had migrated used to be so powerful.

I was so jealous that they were off experiencing a new type¬†of¬†freedom, adventures… a lifestyle, I was sure I wouldn’t be able to experience.

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Cinnamon & Coconut Doughnuts

Happy Sunday everyone!

Hope you are having a lovely blessed day. What have you been up-to?

I’ve spent a good part of my day just watching Breaking Bad. Practically everyone I know has seen it so I’m a little behind. Currently I’m loving it Jesse is a babe, but Skylar is super annoying and she is killing the vibe a little.

One thing,¬†I think my brain can’t seem to wrap it’s head around is the fact that Hal from Malcolm in the middle is a drug lord. Like Heisenberg is so badass! What happened there?

The few moments I haven’t been glued to my Netflix, I’ve spent it baking in the kitchen.¬†As you know this week is National Doughnut Week ( although, I’m beginning to think I was lied to) so I promised to make gluten-free doughnuts this week and share the recipe.

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Desserts at…Naspolya Nassolda


Lets have a little flashback for Friday! Back to Budapest, we go.

The most delicious highlight of my trip to Budapest was discovering Naspolya Nassola, a cafe which serves raw desserts and treats. I was quite jealous when my brothers treated themselves to cakes at Dessert Neked, I even considered getting something and risking the bloating. Thank the Lord, I happened to pop outside!

The words Glutenmentes (gluten-free) were in big bold words in the window of the store next door and I was saved from an evening of cramps by Naspolya Nassola.

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