Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have heard about the craziness that’s been happening in America. Two black men ( Alton Sterling and Philando Castile) killed less than 24 hours apart. What is this world coming to?

My heartbreaks for those people and their families, so many lives lost and families torn apart. Every time I go on social media, I see the video  of Philando Castile bleeding to death and I can’t keep my hands from shaking. It makes me sad, uncomfortable and angry. But do you know what makes me angrier? These silly people who tweet all lives matter to people who are crying out for justice for the innocent black people.

What are you doing?


Do not assume, #blacklivesmatters means no one else does. That’s ignorance at it’s highest! There haven’t been countless deaths of a variety of people from different background being killed by police; it’s been BLACK people killed by police.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 10.21.39
From Beyonce’s Formation tour – This image doesn’t belong to me

Black children, women and men and no one has been prosecuted! How can harmless children be getting killed and no one is guilty? How can a man be tackled to the ground by several men and no one be guilty?

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 10.11.17

Stop trying to join the oppression, stop trying to make our cry seem less relevant. How can you scream all lives matter when black people are being treated like they don’t? I don’t remember any black protestor screaming our lives are more important than anyone else’s. In fact, they are screaming, why aren’t our lives as important as everyone else’s?

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 10.11.37
Shoutout to Huffpost for this great image

Unless you are person of colour, I highly doubt you have had to warn your kids to be weary of the police and to be cautious of them. If anything, you probably tell them, they are their friends and can protect them. Doesn’t the fact that this happens tell you something?


Even in England, black boys especially are weary of the police. I remember being a teenager and how guys my age were constantly being stopped and searched. When it happened to my younger brothers, my mum was livid! They were on their way to her workplace so that they could all go home together and my mum wondered why they were late.

Stop and bloody search

My brothers were barely teens and they were just trying to catch the bus. Just thinking about the situation pisses me off.

#blacklivesmatter is an important campaign and hopefully the start of a big movement. Don’t come with that all lives matter crap, when not all lives are going through the same stuff.

In case, you are still struggling to understand why #alllivesmatter is a dumb hashtag. I’ve included a fun simple tweet I found online for you that sums it all pretty easily.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 10.24.59

Big shoutout to celebrities who are not people of colour who understand this.

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I may be a blogger, but I’m a BLACK blogger. I’m going to talk about things like this occasionally. If you follow me, be prepared for that.


13 thoughts on “#AllLivesMatter is a stupid hashtag, stop using it.

  1. What’s the world coming to? It’s senses! What is wrong is the vermin ranting, rioting, and murdering over the police doing their jobs to control and cull the criminal demographics.


      1. Tamir Rice threatened people stupidly and then tried to draw on the cops who rushed him. Hence, not innocent AND to stupid to live.

        I will say, however, that the police did pull up to fast and way to close to Tamir. It didn’t leave time for much else than a direct encounter. Not the way I would have handled it.


      2. The police have handled serial killers and mass murderers better than they handled Tamir. They didn’t even attempt to handle it, they shot him on site…what about the Aiyana Jones who got killed in her bed when the police raided her house? I want to hear what ridiculous excuse you have for police killing a 7 year old in her sleep.


      3. You’re mis-equating different sorts of encounters. Lethal force isn’t used based upon how bad the perp is; if it were, few Blacks would survive to see prison. It’s based upon the perceived immediate threat to the officers, who plan on going home at the end of their shifts.

        As for Aiyana Jones and any of the others of all the “races” who’ve gotten killed or messed up during SWAT raids – it’s not racism; it’s the unfortunate consequence of such raids compounded by – IMHO – poor training of the teams carrying them out.


      4. We’re going to have to agree to disagree. I do agree that poor training is a factor, but IMHO racism is also a BIG factor. However, thanks for the debate. It was interesting to see how the other side of the argument thinks.


      5. To be fair, I’m a nonstandard form of the other side. I’m ex military and worked in areas that demanded responses a lot like what your side complains about.


      6. Maybe if the police member who killed innocents were actually reprimanded rather than a BS inquiry that leads to nothing. More people might think the way you do.


      7. Police in England may not be perfect, but they don’t go around killing people like they do in America. There is a serious issue at hand and people need to stop acting like it doesn’t exist.


      8. Criminals and whole criminally prone segments of people within America’s borders are such that English police wouldn’t be able to handle them…and, like they do in England in those zones, they’d either declare then NO GO zones or police them in full military gear.

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  2. wow! that was soooo powerful!!!! It just boggles me that this has to be explained at all! Of course, all lives matter, but those that are in need; the less-fortunate, the sick, the hungry; the elderly, children, those who are discriminated against, ridiculed, and even murdered for being of a specific race, need more attention. So, say it loud #blacklivesmatter right now because we are being killed because we are black!
    I wrote a poem this morning on my blog site LADYHOOD and I would love your feedback, please check it out https://aladyhoodjourney.wordpress.com/2016/12/07/black-girl-in-a-white-world/


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