It’s awkward, it hurts, it’s my first smear test..

So I managed to break away from the hectic drama of Brexit and my streams of ‘dislike’ mail to TFL to finally have my first smear test. I’ve been 25 for about 5 months now, but I had been slack in getting it booked. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago when I was worried about some stomach pains it occurred to me that I need to stop playing with my sexual health.


So I booked a screening and I Nair-ed my vagina. Yeah, you heard me! I popped some hair removal cream and prettied myself up for my nurse. Cheaper than a £10 Groupon deal and a less likely chance my waxer is going to leave hot wax between my butt cheeks like last time.

Have you ever tried pulling off hot wax and hair off your own butt cheeks? Wouldn’t advise it at all!

Anyways, let me not wonder off. So I had my smear test and it wasn’t pleasant! It wasn’t a long process, but my body can still remember the pain. Now is it a burning unbearable pain? No, more of an uncomfortable someone-is-prodding-my-vagina-with-something pain. Plus, I had a stranger looking between my legs swabbing my cervix.

You don’t know how long a minute is until some random nurse has you on your back and is stick plastic in your vajvaj.

The whole thing was a mess, but I’m glad I did it. Even though I had an HPV injection in school, I would rather be safe than sorry. Why? Cervical cancer.

Jade Goody’s story really echoes in my head sometimes and probably a lot of other girls who remember the popular reality TV star. The thought of her was another reason; I stopped being a baby and booked my test.

It was so heart breaking, one minute we loved her then we we’re gossiping about her for being super blonde.

Next minute they were announcing she had cervical cancer and had passed away.

She was someone’s mother and daughter. God bless her soul and her family. It’s so weird, but I can still hear her voice in my head.

Ladies, remember it doesn’t hurt to take a few minutes out of your day to book a smear test. It benefits you and everyone in your life, cervical cancer is real!

If anything, I fully support the movement that the age should be lower. Women are sexually active at a younger age than before, protecting them from things like herpes, chlamydia or AIDs isn’t enough. Cancer isn’t picky about age.


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