Isn’t it crazy that just last week, I was in Germany walking along the River Rhine? If it wasn’t for the souvenirs and pictures I almost wouldn’t believe I went anywhere.

Weekend trips always fly by so quickly.

Cologne was a very special journey for me. It was my first solo trip and although, it wasn’t a smooth process I really enjoyed myself. It was nice to have a break to think and it helped me feel a whole lot more confident about doing things by myself, not just travelling.

It is a beautiful city and although it might not have as much going on as Berlin, it has its own charms and is vibrant with life. I picked the perfect time to go, because the Euro 2016 started on Friday so the city was alive with proud Germany cheering on their country. Red, black and yellow covered everywhere! Face paints, flags, tops… you name it, someone had it in the German colours.

Cologne is definitely one for anyone’s Euro travel list, do not underestimate a city just because it isn’t the capital. Remember when I went to Gothenburg, instead of Stockholm? Amazing trip!

Now I’m still working on my blog pieces for my recent trip, apologies for the delay and for not posting enough. I’m getting swamped by work and honestly it’s beating me down a little. Sucking away my motivation to write, hopefully I’ll push through and I’ll continue to share some cool stories with you.

Until then, check out some of my favourite shots from Cologne.

Alter Markt - Cologne 2016.jpg

Bratwurst and Pomme- Cologne 2016.jpg

Elisabeth-treskowplatz - Cologne 2016

Street art at the Dom - Cologne 2016

Gates - Cologne 2016

Enrenheid - Cologne 2016



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