It is official, I’m part of the Solo Travel gang now.

I’m in Germany, by myself in a Brahaus hiding from the hormonal weather. One minute, I was sunbathing in overwhelming heat and now I’m soaked and freezing. What is going on?

Anyway, enough about the weather. Can I get a big whoop for making it to Cologne? I almost abandoned my Germany solo adventure. Why?

On Friday, I was in Stansted for almost SIX hours. My flight was delayed three times, I went from excited and anxious to crying and angry in about two hours. It was the worst, I was fed and starting to doubt my plane was ever going to arrive.

I was DONE!


No announcements, just emails and texts saying my flight had been delayed. However, that’s a situation for another day. Thankfully, I didn’t leave and I stuck it out. I don’t even want to imagine how upset I would have been if I didn’t go. Let me not focus on the negative, I’m here and that’s all that matters now.

Cologne is AMAZE.-BALLS! Everyone is so nice and helpful. It’s very welcoming and change from London, where people shove you out of the way to catch trains which come every two minutes. It’s really reassuring being able to talk to friendly, when travelling by yourself.

Solo travel is such a weird, but exciting experience. There isn’t anyone else to consider when you make plans, no-one to slow you down or force you to rush. You just do whatever whenever. I feel so free, if I want to spend my Monday in bed I can! However, at the same time it’s odd not being able to have someone to talk about the adventure you’re experiencing and a little unsettling walking around in the dark. Hopefully, I’ll just get used to it.

Today, I’m just walking around and checking out the area. I want to see what’s around me and how far things are. I love walking around, it’s how I kind of gather my bearings and let’s me see the local sights around me.


I discovered this 5 minutes from where I was stay. I also discovered Neumarket, the shopping district which is super helpful because I have forgotten one of my jeans at home. Right now I’m really enjoying my trip and this definitely won’t be the last trip I take alone.

Best part?

I’m stuffing my face all the time and don’t have to share.


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