To say I had a good lunch today would be a giant understatement. After months of wishing and hoping, Magnum brought back their famous dipping bar!

Today I felt magic  in my mouth! Shout out to Magnum! I love ice-cream, it’s the one thing I can eat Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. So I LITERALLY skipped into the store and dribbled over the counter. The guy even commented on how excited we were. Ha!.



For all those of you who haven’t heard about this bar. It’s a pop-up shop where people can make their own Magnum. You get to choose the ice-cream, chocolate and sprinkles! You even have the option of double dipping in sauces like caramel this year.

Now you don’t get to physically make the ice-cream, one of their staff does it for you, but it’s still pretty fun and tasty.

For the last two years, they have been setting up shop in places such as Covent Garden and Oxford Circus treating Londoners to a chance to decorate and enjoy a custom designed Magnum for the Summer.

I always miss out, I don’t know how. Especially as that summer I was interning down Oxford Circus side! This time, I made sure I didn’t. If you happen to be in the capital this Summer, make sure you don’t.

Magnum Pleasure Store London

Dipping Bar.png

Location: Magnum Pleasure Store London, 56 South Molton Street, London W1K 5SH Dates: From Wednesday 1st June – 16th September 2016                                                     Opening Times: Monday – Saturday 11am – 9pm & Sunday 12pm – 6pm






It was a bit of mess getting down there, because another one opens in Covent Garden in July (fist pump) and we thought it was June and ended up there. By the time, we realised most of our lunch was over and we had to start rushing over to Bond Street station. Never been so thankful for London’s speedy transport until today, TFL I’m sorry I said you suck. You don’t…always.



The store looks amazing, there is a London sign built into the wall made of LOLLIPOP STICKS! Can it get any cooler? Umm…yeah a giant diamanté Magnum statue, lovely cute staff…oh and ICE-CREAM!

I was a kid in a sweet store, there are so many sprinkles.


In the end, I went for gold flakes, pistachios and what I think was almond coated in something…gosh I was so eager to eat it. I didn’t even bother to look at what I chose, oh well I know it had almonds and I think cinnamon.


My friend’s one was equally as tasty looking. She had pistachios, golden nuggets and pieces of chocolate as her toppings. Doesn’t it look great? To see others check out the hashtag #MagnumLDN on Twitter or Instagram.


Not going to lie, I think Kendall Jenner being a part of this campaign is odd. Like, do you need a high profile model to push ice cream? Everyone screams for ice cream!


Anyway, it’s definitely my recommended pop-up for this month. It’s Summer, the temp is going up and this is a delicious way to cool down.


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