How did I forget to mention that I’m going to Cologne this month?  Last year October, I was on a holiday planning spree and I thought it would be great to randomly book a SOLO trip to Cologne, Germany!

I’ve always wanted to do some solo travelling, but I never actually thought I would. Kinda of how I’ve been saying I’ll go skydiving, but is that really happening??

Haha face gif.gif

This whole thing has been exciting, but stressful. I’m scared of travelling by myself for obvious reasons, especially in a city which has been receiving a lot of bad press lately for female safety.

However, it’s all booked and signed. Minus the bad press Cologne is known for being super friendly and  an amazing city in Germany to visit. I might even pay a trip to Düsseldorf because it’s so close by. 19 minutes!

4 nights in the beautiful city of Cologne, what am I going to do there?

Cologne image stock

The food lover in me is going on a mission, I have a few things I want to eat.

Schnitzel….ummm, can I really go Germany without trying it?

Also, I’m going to try Himmel un Ääd ( heaven on earth). This is pretty much a combo of apple sauce and mashed potatoes served with blood sausage. Supposedly Früh Brauhaus at Am Hof 12-18 serves the best one so I’m planning to pay a visit.

When I’m not stuffing my face, I’ll be checking out Cologne Cathedral, the Belgian quarter,the street art in Ehrenfeld…..maybe visit the chocolate museum and then wash down piles of chocolate  with Cologne’s  local Kolsch beer. Okay! I’m a fatty I intend to stuff my face and wash it down with beer!!

Don’t forget my day trip to Düsseldorf, I’m still planning that out, but don’t worry you won’t miss a thing. I’m taking my laptop so I can blog abroad, but as per usual this is an eating fest. My instagram will probably be the one thing you wanna keep an eye on.

Follow and like, I’m not off until next Friday. It’s going to be a movie.



4 thoughts on “Destination, Destination, Destination…..Germany, Cologne

      1. I only had one day as I was on a cruise through, but I went to the cathedral, ate by body weight in chocolate, wandered through the streets. If you can find a walking tour of the history or the architecture of the city then book on that – local guide knowledge is priceless.

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