I can’t believe I forgot to post this! Last bank holiday weekend, while feeling sorry for myself because I was ill. I came across this interesting blog piece by This FP Planet. A travel blog I love reading , you should definitely check it out.

For the last three years, La Boqueria has been exclusively visiting and setting up at Southbank as part of their annual Campo Viejo’s Streets of Spain event.

This year, Estrella Damm took the market on a little detour and brought La Boqueria to Old Spitafields market for the 4 days. La Boqueria is a famous market in the Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona and Estrella Damm ( makers of the best bottled Sangria) brought this famous market to us and all it’s lovely Spanish delights for us to try.


The only word I think describes what I saw today. There were stalls selling incredible tapas, fresh produce to take home and ice-cold Estrella Damm.

La Boqueria1

Obviously, I wasn’t near death’s door so I grabbed my camera and paid Old Spitafields Market a little visit on the 2nd. I wanted to see this pop-up experience first hand and I’ve got to admit, the atmosphere was amazing to say the least.

From sea of stalls offering delicious Spanish food to the tourists taking snaps of themselves. This was a great idea by the Estrella Damm team, bringing a little bit of Barcelona heat on a somewhat grey English day.



I tried oysters for the first time! several hours later and I was not projectile vomiting so I must have eaten them correctly. Although it should be noted that I almost choked on them. When I was attempting to swallow one, some random man walked by me really closely staring. It totally put me off my oyster game and well…You can imagine the choking fit that happened next.






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