It has officially been two weeks since I returned from Budapest and I’m still recovering from holiday blues! Before, I was strolling the streets of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Now….I’m sitting at a desk typing my life away, at least the weather in London right now is great.

Anyways, I wanted to share my holiday highlights and all the things I did out in the beautiful country of Hungary (minus falling in love with it and considering moving there). This was a really fun post to write, it was nice reminiscing about the trip.

First things first, who knew Budapest is technically two separate places connected by 3/4 bridges.

Fact: There is Pest and there is Buda. Pest is the modern flat side where Parliament is and then there is the Buda side, which is all rural hill-y side with Buda and Sandor Castle.

Budapest is really a magical city scattered with Gothic fairytale-like buildings and beautiful bridges, my camera and I were spoilt for choice. Majority of my memory card is rammed full of pictures of Budapest.

I was such a typical tourist and went to visit all the sights. Not bad for a five day holiday, right?

Top tip? Always book a late flight back home, so you can enjoy the last day doing things. 

Parliament Building




It’s so beautiful and reminds me of castle some Disney princess would probably live in. Heads up, if you intend to do a tour within the building. Book in advance, it’s very popular!

Shoes of Danube



Budapest has a strong Jewish heritage, a lot of people died during the world war there. So there are quite a few memorials, however one of the most famous is the copper shoes of Danube. I learnt so much about WWII and how it impacted Hungary while I was there, so if you are a history lover you will enjoy it. There is also a museum called the House of Terror, . Personally I couldn’t go in. The shoes alone had me feeling teary.

St.Stephen Basilica



Less than a ten minute walk from one of the most famous Roman Catholic basilica in Budapest.





On the second day, we visited Buda and climbed up this massive mountain to visit Sandor Castle, St Mathis Church and The Fisherman’s Bastion. The walk always took out half of my family so we decided to get the Funicular down. This is one of the coolest ways to climb up/down the mountain in the Castle district.

The Fisherman’s Bastion






St. Matthais Church


Opera House




Andrassy St




This is the Hungarian version of Oxford Circus, all the big brands are here.

 Heroes Square


dsc_0130.jpgThis was one of the most popular locations I visited, people love this place.

Great Market Place




Margaret Island




The happiest place in Budapest is Margaret Island! How is it possible to have a beautiful island where no cars ( very loosely used here, because I did see one or two) are allowed?

We loved it so much we visited twice. There is a zoo, a rose garden, a Japanese garden and so much more. I attempted to ride a bicycle and failed my family and I got one of these karts and rode around.

Definitely be making the visit back to Budapest soon, loved it.







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