Hey guys,

I’m taking late night reading to a brand new level. I’ve been in bed all day recovering from an early cleaning session and just got inspired to write now. I had my house-warming party and it was crazy.

If I tell you that the relief that runs through your body when that lump next to you isn’t the result of a drunken mistake, but just your best friend’s overnight bag is the best feeling ever. I had a lot to drink, I was very flirty and very dance-y.

I’m not anti-one night stands, but personally I can’t imagine sharing my body with someone I don’t see a future with. I’m not a fan of casual, way too emotional for such.

Anyway back to the original story, yesterday was my house-warming party and it was amazing! Minus the carpet and walls doused in red wine.



Red wine1.jpg

Thankfully, my flatmate did some serious fixing-up with some Vanish and paint. It’s like we never had a party, we even agreed to host a summer BBQ!

Even though it was a bit inconvenient tidying up the kitchen and living room in the morning, it was worth it. I had loads of fun and really got to see some people come out of their shell.

One tip I recommend for anyone hosting a party is to always make punch! If you want to save some pennies, go down to your local bargain store ( mine is Lidl) and buy cheap alcohol and juice.

My Cheap and Cheerful Tropical Punch went down quite well, saved us some pennies, it was super refreshing and wasn’t too strong. So my friends who weren’t heavy drinkers could have some.

Cheap and Cheerful Tropical Punch

Check out the recipe below:


  • 4L of lemonade
  • 2L of Mango Juice
  • 2.5L of Vodka
  • 8  Limes, chopped


  1. Pour the lemonade and mango together in a big punch bowl or keg.
  2. Now add the vodka and the chopped limes. Once done, stir thoroughly to evenly spread out the vodka.
  3. Enjoy with some ice and ta da!
The leftover Cheap and Cheerful Tropical Punch

Not rocket science really?

Anyway, I’m off to finish off my last two Budapest blog posts, keep an eye out for them.

Until next time xxxx

PS, is it bad I want to ask people to bring their own meat to my BBQ? I heard it like a growing trend these days and I’m poor. so…well, I’m not poor, but I’m a 25 year old on somewhat okay pay. I cant buy that much meat and if I do, it won’t be great quality.


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