I’m so tired! Today has been exhausting, I’m going to bed straight after I post this.

Where is this year going? 2016 feels like it started yesterday, yet we are already three months in.

How is this year going for you so far?

Honestly for me, it started off a little up and down. I got a nice-sized tax refund, but I was still job hunting so the money I received was just spent on leaving my house to go to interviews and move. I got an interview at one of my dream companies, but didn’t get the job. Then I moved in one of my favourite friends, but had an HUGE argument with one of my best friends.

It was like for every reaction there was equal reaction, I couldn’t win!

However, I did get a new job (hence why I’m so tired), I booked a lovely holiday to BUDAPEST and I had a great birthday on Sunday, one of my favourite ones so far. I did a 25 things to do now I’m 25 list, I laughed so hard that day and ate so much cake I almost popped. I guess overall it was a good month in the end.

Did you check out my Sweet Potato Pancakes or my Valentines’ Brownie Treats recipes last month? They were my two favourite treats from last month. Ooh and I updated the images for my Sweet Potato Fries. I’m loving this new camera!

I can’t wait to show you what I have planned for this month I know you are going to love them! Also, to ensure the slight unproductiveness that happened last month doesn’t follow into this month. I’ve decided to start setting myself two goals each month. Obviously I will be posting my goals and will keep you updated about them.

March Goals

  1. Pass my theory by the end of the month

I’m in my mid-twenties and I haven’t done my theory. I’m actually embarrassed, I allowed this to drag on. I was just lazy and couldn’t be bothered to finish it off. I actually started learning back in 2009 and 2012, but I lost interest after spending hundreds doing my practical lessons. Right there on my list of dumb choices, I honestly don’t know what I just didn’t finish what I started. I guess I got distracted with university, work and my social life.

  1. Practice my Spanish three times a week (ongoing)

I did Spanish until I dropped it before I went to university and I regret it. I remember how important it was for me back then to learn a second language and I regret not sticking with it. As you can see in my late teens/early twenties sticking to things wasn’t really my forte I’m ashamed to say.

Adios, amigos


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