Is it me or are more and more people taking from their savings to travel and go holidays?


Can’t blame them though, a break from day-to-day life is good.

We barely get that much me-time once we start working full-time and our responsibilities take over.

Please don’t include the weekends, half the time you spend it running errands you can’t do on a normal day because you finish work at 5/6pm or because you spent your lunch break ACTUALLY HAVING LUNCH!

As one of the people who is now using her free time to see the beautiful world around her. I’ve noticed that breaks aren’t always cheap. Flights can be expensive and hotels cost even more!

Just how is anyone meant to do anything???? Well I’ve gathered some tips from my personal experiences and hopefully they should help.

When booking the holiday….

Unless you find a bargain deal from a site like Groupon or HolidayPirates, book your flight and hotel separately. You can use SkyScanner/Momondo to find cheap flights and then use a site like Airbnb or to find a cheap place to stay. This way you can use your money on having fun rather than putting a roof over your head.


Also, before choosing a location maybe you can be flexible with where you want to go. I would advise looking online for the best places money-wise, there are loads of articles about cheap holiday destinations. I’m currently doing one for Europe that I will post soon.

Top Tip: Sign up to RyanAir’s newsletters they are always doing £1/£2 flight deals throughout the year. Don’t miss out on the sales.

When buying for your holiday…

Holidays are always a great excuse for you to spend a giant bulk of money at once on things you are most likely not going to wear again. Unless it’s a must or a soon coming trip, please don’t do this. Ideally if you have some time until your trip, try buying bit by bit or wait for the end of year sales to buy bikinis and shorts. They are out of season, no-one wants a bikini in winter so you always get a good price and the same goes for jumpers in summer.

When travelling around on your holiday…

Google where you are going first, it might be within walking distance, if not then first choice of transport …trams or buses, if you plan to do a lot of moving around getting a train/tram or bus makes more sense than a taxi.

Sometimes you can even buy your tickets online before you get there so you can use them as soon as you get to your destination instead of a paying for a more expensive transfer.

Money saved!

In Turkey, there was this bus that took us from one town to another and it was so cheap!


It’s so common for local taxi drivers to try and rip holidaymakers off, even in London. I heard about rickshaw drivers bumping people in Oxford Circus. Crazy, right?

I remember when I was in Bodrum, Turkey the only driver available charged us in pounds! Bloody joke. So unless you have to, avoid using a taxi/cab driver, however if you do….

Before settling, walk around a little and ask different drivers. Not everyone is the same and someone else might be willingly to give you a lower price.

Oh yeah, Uber is actually active in quite a few countries. When I went Gothenburg in January I was pleasantly surprised to find I could call an Uber after I got lost and couldn’t find our hotel. I didn’t, I just used my Google Maps after I remembered that Google is everywhere! I had only been in Gothenburg for like 5 secs, I wasn’t quite ready to start blowing money on a 3-minute journey.

When eating on your holiday….

I usually book half-board for breakfast and dinner if possible, if not I always get breakfast. I personally hate the idea of having to wake up and prepare breakfast on holiday. Like I’m on holiday!!

Marrakesh and Ibiza, I did half-board and It was like the best decision ever! Especially for Ibiza after I was recovering from like only 4 hours sleep and a night of heavy drinking and partying. I stayed in this hotel called Hotel Tropical, it was this 3/4 star hotel near the strip. Some of the best food I’ve eaten in a hotel, polite staff and great for a lads’/girls’ party holiday.

Having food included really helps, now you may pay a little extra for your holiday BUT….to be honest it’s probably less than you would spend buying your meals all day. You can have a nice big breakfast, to keep you full until lunch and don’t feel the need to splash out eating at restaurants every night in the evening because you have dinner sorted.

Being self-catered is also great for saving money, but only if you will actually cook. I was self-catered in Turkey (I got a €7 full English every morning at a café across the road, I told you. I don’t make breakfast on holiday) and my holiday ended up costing less so I had more money to spend swimming with dolphins.


I did have to TREK for ages to find a supermarket for ingredients, but I was on holiday in shorts. I didn’t mind.

I won’t cook breakfast, but if you won’t cook anything…. don’t waste your time doing self-catered. You WILL buy food all the time.

When doing activities on your holiday….

I’m all for being spontaneous, but it’s easier to budget if you plan what you want to do during your stay. If you carry all your money on you and aimlessly move around, you will just spend everything on you. Plus, this way you can ensure you get to see and do everything you want to.

e.g. Day One – Visit this museum, cost etc…

If you have any tips or suggestions that helps you save money, share with me below. I’m always looking to save some pounds and pennies.


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