Hey everyone!

Happy Thursday! Sorry for the lack of posts, my new flat doesnt have any internet and won’t have until the first of March!  So I’ve just been struggling to post on my blog , I can’t believe it’s been five days since my last post! YIKES!

However, this doesn’t mean I haven’t been keeping myself busy by whipping up new recipes, exercising my ass off working out and planning my holidays for the year. I have! I’m even thinking of doing a travel vlog for my blog for a big summer trip I have planned in September so watch this space.

Anyway enough about that, I will keep that under wraps for later. Right now wanderlust has arrived again and it’s time for a little break! My mum’s birthday is coming up soon and she has been talking about visiting the lovely country of Hungary, somewhere I’ve been dying to visit for ages, it is another from my famous travel list so I’m surprising her with a trip to Budapest!!!!


My mum is my idol and I love treating her. She deserves it so much. One thing I’m really trying to do is spend more time with family and for less than £120. This holiday is an unmissable bargain. ( I love RyanAir’s cheap flight deals).

Budapest is definitely in my top three holiday choices for a lovely holiday that’s cheap and cheerful. People always tell me how there is so much to do and it doesn’t cost an arm and leg like some other European cities. Now I can finally convert the leftover £300 Kronas from Sweden.

Destination number 2: Budapest, Hungary


Budapest is such a popular location, rich in culture and history. I can’t wait to visit the local museums and galleries. I also can’t wait to enjoy the classic soup, Gulyásleves. It’s like a beef stew with vegetables. Doesn’t sound amazing, but I’ve seen loads of pictures and it looks pretty good.

I know so many people who visited Budapest last year, so I’ll probably have loads of suggestions for things to do. However, if you have any, please drop it in the comment section below. You can never have too many suggestions.


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