February is here!

I’m so excited! Valentines’ Day, Pancake Day and my birthday all in one great month. Does it get any better than Love, Pancakes and Parties? No!

My blog is probably going to end up looking like Barbie’s kitchen after I stock it up full of pink and cute recipes this month. I can’t wait to show you guys what I’ve been whipped up in the kitchen.

NOW.. as much as I love Valentine’s day, there are some things that come with the holiday that I do not appreciate such as the fact everyone suddenly realises you are single and tries to find solutions for your “problem”.

Ummm…guys, I’ve been single for ages! Why is it now you feel the need to start pushing your single male friends in my direction or encouraging me to go to more single events?

Keep the pity, I don’t need it. Being single onĀ Valentine’s day is not an issue, I can still enjoy the celebrations.

Yeah, it can be kind of s@#t and I’m sure you would prefer to be cuddled up with a gorgeous person who is telling you how much they love you over a beautifully planned dinner but…oh well.

You are single, make lemonade with the lemons you have until YOUR one comes. This year, I will be attending a comedy show with my friends, can’t have romance so I’m having laughter.

If you intend to spend February 14th like it’s a normal typical day, go for it. However, in case you want to do something and don’t feel like wallowing in your bed. I’ve come up with three fun suggestions to keep you happy. Check them out below:

1.Spend The Day With Family

Valentine’s day is not Lovers’ day. It’s a day to spend time with PEOPLE you love, not just baes and people you recently met of Tinder. Why not spend time with family? One year I spent it with my mum, just having quality mummy-daughter time, it was nice.

2. Time With Friends

Go out with your SINGLE friends and just have a good time. No boy/girl talk, no “why am I single” talk, just pureĀ banterĀ potentially filled with alcohol and tapas.

I remember one year, I spent it with my non-single friends whose boyfriends weren’t around….not a great idea, they wailed on about being by themselves. one of the girls’ boyfriends was actually in Paris for work, so she felt like she got double screwed over.

Ā “How can my boyfriend be in the most romantic city in the world and I’m here, with you guys! No offence”

Offence was taken and I learnt that day, you should always stick to your single friends. FromĀ personal experience your night is more likely to end up sitting in a kebab shop around midnight laughing your ass off than a pity party.

3. Me, Myself and I!

Have some me time! Is there a better time to show yourself some love than on the most love-filled day of the year? Book a spa day, get a mani-pedi, go to your favourite restaurant, just take some me time…do something to make yourself feel special and loved. Self-love and looking after yourself is such an important thing, sometimes we neglect to do it…February 14th…show you some love.


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