I think part of being a blogger is sharing parts of yourself with your readers. So, I’m going to come out of my shell a little and do a series of posts called 10 Things About.

In my 10 Things About series, I will be revealing little unknown secrets about me! From interests to weird habits, who knows? Maybe you might discover that we have something in common.

I think it will give you guys a chance to know me better and give me a chance to write about something a bit more different to the usual posts. I’m quite a shy person, but I think 2016 may be the time to show more of the author behind the posts.

Today is the first one and I’m going to start of lightly. Here we go…..

There are many things that give me pleasure in life.

Food, Family, God, Money ( I’m in my early twenties, don’t judge me. I have loans to pay back)…and great music. I love music, I’m positive my library has a song for every important moment, mood or thought that has ever passed into my brain. It’s like a blueprint into my soul which is probably why I don’t let people touch my iTunes collection or look at my library on my laptop. It’s just so personal to me, plus I have a very large amount of Glee songs I just can’t justify.

Now my love for music isn’t the interest I’m going to be talking about, it’s actually my love for a specific genre of music. One of my favourite genres in music is …..K-pop. I bet you weren’t expecting that.

I’m a huge fan, I fell in love with it back in 2011 when I started watching Japanese dramas while watching anime. First, it was J-dramas, then K-dramas…before I knew it, I was in love with K-pop ( Thanks to T-ara). I was already obsessed with visiting Japan and South Korea, they are featured in my travel list. However, K-pop just made me love South Korea even more.

For anyone who doesn’t know what K-pop is. It is Korean pop and it’s becoming really big in the West. It’s REALLY different to western kind of pop.



Unknown fact? Only one of my friends actually knows I’m into it. Guess, I worry what other people will think, you know? The one person I told, said it was a weird hobby and that I don’t even speak Korean so how am I enjoying the music.

I just am! It sounds great even though I don’t know the meaning and majority of the time. I Google the lyrics in English.

Everyone is different and has different interests, don’t be afraid to share yours because you are scared of what people might think. Last year, London held it’s first South Korean festival and I was so anxious about finding someone to go with that I missed out. I totally regret it, but now if any of my favourite K-pop artists come to the UK, I would just go and see them live by myself.

K-pop leaves me feeling happy and some of the songs I love, have lovely meanings and great lyrics. Surrounding myself with positive vibes and good music really helps motivate me. Listening is believing, why not check it out? you might like it.

Here are seven of my top favourite k-pop artists below:

  1. T-ara: Like The First Time ( I’ve mastered the dance moves)

2. Girls’ Generation: Genie ( I know all the words)

3. Big Bang: Let’s Not Fall In Love ( I love the lyrics)

4. Anda – TAXI ( Beautiful and she sings and raps)

5. Super Junior M- Super Girl ( Henry is my favourite 🙂 )

6. Dal Shabet – Someone like you ( These guys recently entered my favourite list)

7. Teen Top – No More Perfume On You ( This song has a really bad meaning, but I love it and these guys have great songs)


Until next time xxx




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