If someone told me a few years back I would be visiting Sweden this year, I wouldn’t have believed them. It initially wasn’t on my to-go list and if I had been asked, I would have suggested visiting Stockholm. However, last year I thought screw this I want to travel everywhere!

So I booked a trip with my favourite flying partner, my mum and planned my trip to Gothenburg and now I’m so glad I spent my weekend in this little gem of a city. It was so lovely, I’m almost convinced I could move to Sweden.



When we arrived it was cold and snowing, the temperature was a crazy -8 degrees! My tongue dried out mid-convo and my arms felt like they were going to fall off. Hot cocoa and an extra layer was needed before I left my hotel and the adventure began.

Getting around Gothenburg is so simple, thanks to the convenient and quick trams. We were able to travel around the whole city and it only cost around 85-89 Kr each which is about £7/8 for a day pass which lasts 24 hours.


Tap in and ride away!

This delightful city is magical, there was never a dull day.


It’s a foodie haven, ooh..did I mention there are numerous gluten-free options in restaurants, more than I’ve seen in England?


My mouth did try a few bites of food with gluten, but the medicine I received from the doctor helped prevent symptoms like bloating so it was worth it. I was full of happiness and sugar.If someone had cut me, I’m sure I would have poured out marzipan and meringue.

One area in Gothenburg, I suggest you visit is Haga. This charming neighbourhood is made up of beautiful cafes and shops. The perfect place to spend your afternoon or enjoy a good Fika.

Froid Cafe



3. Gothenburg Has Wonderful Sights To See

Did you know Gothenburg is known for it’s amazing museums? The artwork in some of their museums is beautiful. Art, fashion and design is big in Göteborg, there were so many of furniture shops.

We explored the Gothenburg City Museum, the Museum of Art, and the Rohsska Museum of design, fashion and art.




I fell in love with this one piece by Ragner Sandberg called Bathers.


Best part about the museums? You purchase one ticket and it gets you access to practically all the museums until the end of the year! So if I visit Gothenburg again and decide to tour the museums again. My ticket is already paid for, not bad for only 40 Kr (ÂŁ3/4).

The museums are pretty close to one another, so we could walk from one to another. I loved it, I got pretty trigger happy with my camera and took loads of pictures.

I fell in love with the Nordic dream that is Gothenburg and are a few things I didn’t get to do like visit the Fish Museum or take a trip their amazing sauna at Jubileumsparken, which has changing rooms  built from around 12,000 recycled glass bottles! So I will definitely be paying another visit soon. Maybe Summer time?

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, I can’t wait for my next adventure.




9 thoughts on “Travel blog: Sweden, Gothenburg

      1. Stockholm is nice, I have been living here for over a year now and there is still places to explore.

        Depends on if you want to see Stockholm or Sweden, there are multiple small towns that got a lot more of to offer when it comes to Swedish culture and history if you exclude Stockholm. I would really recommend Visby (a medieval town on the island of Gotland), Kalmar (Another old town at the bridge with a lot of history) and Norrköping (an industrial city with a lot to see). Malmköping is also intersting if you happen to have read the book about the “one hundred year old man who climed out the window and disappeared.”

        I would also recommend my home town of Trosa, a small town at the coast only an hour south of Stockholm. 🙂


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