A while back, I woke up to a Whatsapp group conversation where one of my friends was complaining about being single. Many people we know are moving in with their partners, getting engaged and have started having kids and everyone is freaking out.

I’ve now become the designated peacekeeper; I constantly have to remind people to calm down. A few of my friends are turning 25/26 so the pressure is on a little. What they doesn’t seem to realise is that, they do not NEED to be in relationships, they just WANT to be in them. A lot of them for the wrong reasons, they can’t tell the difference between feeling like they need to settle down and actually wanting to.


Me? I just want to feel loved and secure. I want to have as many kids (with ease) when I meet the right person and we are ready. I do not want to feel pressured to settle down with someone…ANYBODY, because of what others are doing or family expectations.

You can’t control being single! You can go out and be more sociable and you can date more, but your relationship status is something that changes on its own. Love is a natural and beautiful process it happens when it happens.


  1. You don’tNEED to be in a relationship, you WANT to be in one, which is perfectly fine, but not being in a serious long-term relationship is not a bad sign especially, if you are in your early twenties.


  1. Once you eventually get in a relationship, you will not have all this free time and freedom to explore yourself as a person. Enjoy your own company and tick some things of your bucket list before that time comes. Use this time to grow as a person.
  2. If you are determined to find love, try online dating or apps, speed dating, going out to bars and clubs or even ask a friend for a hook-up.

(Please use caution when meeting someone for the first few times, there are some crazy people out there)

There is nothing wrong with searching for love, I just don’t want anyone rushing and thinking they NEED to be a part of a couple. Everyone deserves someone who loves, respects and appreciates him or her as a person; do not settle for someone else out of fear.


Until next time…



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