While you were away…

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Can you believe 2016 is in a few days?

It’s been some time since I posted apologies, I’ve been stupidly busy lately and the Christmas period can be so hectic. There has been so much going on lately and I’ve just been trying to wrap my head around it really.

  1. I’ve left my job! Big deal right? I loved the people and the agency itself was pretty cool, but the work I was doing wasn’t inspiring and bored is an understatement of what I was. However, the new year is just around the corner and I’m feeling optimistic. The start of a new year is always a great time to go job hunting ( or so I’ve been told by the various recruiters who have been in touch with me)
  2.  I liked a boy and he didn’t like me! Common thing that happens, but this particular situation really opened my eyes about what I want from a relationship. I might be reaching an age where people start expecting me to want to settle down and have babies. Personally, I’m not ready yet, I can’t even decide what to name my blog let alone a child. I’m still discovering me, but I would love to meet someone and potentially go down that path later.
  3. I’m getting a new camera! Next year, I’m going to be treating you to great quality images of my recipes and my travels. First stop Gothenburg!
  4. I’m moving back home! Well….closer to home, my friend has a spare room and I’m going to rent it out and live out my twenties Friends’s style. I’ll take pictures as soon as I move in.

I’ve started drafting my new year’s resolutions. I’ll post the final version 1st of January 2016!

What are yours?


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