Everyone loves Mindy and Danny, but maybe they need to break up?


THE MINDY PROJECT on HULU Tues: Mindy (Mindy Kaling, L) and Danny (Chris Messina, R)

So, if you have seen this week’s episode of the Mindy project ‘ Baby Talk’. You will know things have kind of gone down the toilet with this popular TV couple and the wedding is on hold!

Surprise, surprise…not!

From moving in together to attempting to trap Mindy with a baby, their relationship rolled down a slippery slope alarmingly quickly.

Before, I would have said that they were a dream couple made in heaven, but this season of the Mindy project have made me realise Danny and Mindy don’t suit at all, they are complete opposites.

I get opposites attract, but do they get married? do they make a good couple?

The main reason for most of the drama in the show is Mindy’s desire to be a working mum. A problem faced by millions of women worldwide, I love the fact that Mindy Kaling has featured it this season.

I think lots of shows glaze over it, they act like it isn’t a common issue in relationships these days. Female lead has baby and bounces back into life after two episodes.

Umm…really? Mindy has talked about how hard it is having a baby without over exaggerating it like other TV shows. She has shown her character’s lows and highs, which is probably what makes her character so relatable.

Most women these days want careers and a family. If men don’t have to choose, why should we?

Unfortunately, Danny somehow went from knight in shining armour to this mini- misogynist pig who wants Mindy to stay at home having loads of kids. Dude, she only had one a few months ago!!!! Give her vagina some chillaxing time. Baby Leo isn’t even one yet nor is he close!

So, I’ve concluded he needs to go.

Don’t agree with me? Check out my reasons below:

1.Even though Danny is one of my favourite characters in the show, he is stubborn and a know-it-all. He always tries to make it seem like he is the only one who can come up with logical decisions. No-one likes a patroniser!

2. Lately I’ve noticed….Danny is naturally unsupportive, he has to be coerced or guilt-tripped into believing in Mindy’s dreams. Remember when she wanted to go Stanford and he almost botched it up? Or when she first said she wanted to start her fertility clinic? or when she said she wanted to be a WORKING MUM?

Even getting him to propose was a struggle and a half. He is a difficult man.

3. Danny is always attacking Mindy. He keeps compares her to his poor mother who was never around for him, ummm…Danny has the weirdest relationship with his ma. They are disgustingly close and he loves her so much. So, what is his point?

The reason she wasn’t here was because she was providing for him and his brother, so how about instead of comparing Mindy to the mother you love like it’s a bad thing and attacking her. You compare yourself to your bum dad who abandoned you, left your mum to struggle and make sure you are a loving, doting husband and dad? hmmm!

Worst part? Everyone can see how bad he is, but him! He has been told and given advice.

I have a feeling that Chris Messina may be leaving the show. His career has really picked up lately, but nonetheless this is a really good storyline. I love the fact it wasn’t something that was resolve in a matter of episodes, it dragged out and developed into a serious issue.

I’ve been involved in countless debates where guys want a woman who is initially independent when they meet them, but becomes a stay-at-home mum and wife afterwards. How does that make sense?

If you want a woman, who wants to stay at home and raise kids. Go out and find someone like that or someone who is prepared to do that, don’t waste your time trying to change another woman into that person.

For now the show is on a break, so we won’t know until the new year what’s going on with Mindy and Danny.

I’ve never seen a show where the two leads fall in love, have a baby, are engaged and then PERMANENTLY break-up. So, maybe there is still hope for them or…maybe Mindy might be the first.

Will she have to move out and fight Danny for custody?

How will getting back to dating be?Will Leo get a stepdad?

Most importantly, is Chris Messina leaving the Mindy Project?

2016 is too far away!

PS. Remember when Jeremy used to be the hot British guy who got all the girls and now he is this sad loser no-one wants to hang with? What the heck happened???







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