‘Embrace and love your body.  It’s the only one you’ll ever have


After a long day at work, I’m kicking it in the gym. Showing my body some love by getting in shape. I want to be toned and healthy.

Since the age of 10, I’ve always battled insecurities with my body. From being too tall, to being too fat and feeling flat chested. My body just didn’t look right and it felt like no matter how much exercise or dieting I did, there was nothing I could do to fix it.

I’ve fluctuated between a size 10-16 for as long as I could remember. Never feeling quite right in my own skin. Growing up, this really sucked!

As you remember I decided to start this blog in an attempt to eat healthier when I put on weight again. I hated feeling uncomfortable in my body growing up and now that I’m older and I am able to make more decisions about how to look after my body. I refuse to allow myself to feel that way again.

Before,I wanted to be healthy and skinny again…mainly skinny, even though I didn’t always mention it.

Skinny Me = Happy Me 

Well, at least in my head…

Now, I don’t want that, truth be told I think I prefer being a bit thicker. I look better and I’ve realised, I’m happier not starving myself. I’m tired of eating nothing, but salads.

Also, friends and family have told me I look a lot better. I’m not ten year old me no-more, I’m wiser, smarter and more loving towards my body.

This change is what inspired me to stop being the workinglondongirl. Also, I’ve moved out of London ( a story for another day).

So, I’m going to enjoy my favourite foods in smaller portions, of course. I’m going to share recipes which are both healthy and sugar loaded. I’m just going to do me.

Right now, me is in the gym. It’s a Monday and I’m motivated.

I might enjoy my curvier body and may want to enjoy my meals more, but being healthier is still important and it wouldn’t hurt for me to tone up.

Happy Monday everyone x




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