Swiping left on online love

Dating in 2015, is so hard! The ‘unwritten rules’ are constantly changing and there are so many different places to meet someone. Currently, I’m single and secretly hating it. Most of my  friends think that I’m this strong independent woman who enjoys being single and free, but I’m not! It’s a fat lie!


The honest truth is that I’m lonely and I’m starting to get a little worried about my love life’s future because I haven’t been in a serious relationship before … I’m almost in my mid-twenties, isn’t that kind of a bad thing? At work I’m surrounded by confident single ladies in their thirties encouraging me to enjoy my freedom and my independence. I want to travel more and climb up the career ladder, being single means I can do all of this without any commitments or compromising. However, I wouldn’t mind having to compromise or tweaking my plans if I was doing it to be with a special person.

After months of complaining to the one person, I have even honest with something that weirdly enough hadn’t occurred to me was suggested….online dating!

I’m a millennial, according to what I’ve read in the media. Why this hadn’t occurred to me, I don’t even know. There are so many different sites and apps targeted at different ages, ethnicity, sexual orientation. You are almost spoilt for choice in the online dating world.

Now online dating is something that worried me, mostly because I know it can be unsafe and I’m a giant. I was secretly worried, I would click with a guy and we would meet up, then he would be put off because he is going out with a mini-giant.  Nonetheless, I bit the  bullet and decided to try out the popular app that has been everyone’s lips this year…



My best friend had already tried out the infamous app and she had met a guy through it. So, I thought, why not?

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Tinder. Let me give you a quick summary of it. The setup is quite cool, you swipe right for guys/girls you like and left for the no-nos. If the guys/girls you like swipes right too, you get a match notification and then you can message one another privately *wink wink*

I gave it a shot (numerous times) and honestly I hated it!

I couldn’t click with any of my matches once we started talking, which was sad because some of them were absolutely gorgeous and seemed so interesting. Plus, I couldn’t always read the intentions of some of my ‘suitors’ and Tinder is known as a bit of a hook-up site.

I guess deep down part of me still wants the classic ‘ I was out one night and we happened to see each other across the room’ story.

It sounds really cliché, doesn’t it? Especially considering the tech-y/Internet world we live, but I can’t help it. I’m an old school romantic and I want a romantic first time meet. I want my John Cusack and boombox, albeit I will probably have to settle for an iPhone and speakers.

Maybe it’s all the Disney Princess movies -Mulan- is the best one – I watched as a kid, but I want it to be unforgettable and special. I don’t really want to say ‘ yeah, we met on Tinder’ on my wedding day. It’s not really what I would call a special meeting. However, I’m not judging anyone who uses it to look for love by the way. I know Tinder can be more than a hook-up site. People have found partners on Tinder.

It just wasn’t a right fit for me. I guess I’m just going to have to continue keeping an eye for the future Mr. WorkingLondonGirl when I go out in hopes of having my ‘eyes meet’ moment. If I still haven’t had any luck in a few months I may give Internet dating another go.

Tell me what’s your opinion on internet dating in my poll below:


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