Yesterday, I tried to get my size 12 jeans on…they were stuck around my knees for about 15 minutes before I gave up. It was at this point that I realised my diet of Pizza, Chinese, grilled cheeses, fizzy drinks and chocolate wasn’t working.

Lately I’ve been tired and out of breath, my skin has been a mess, I’ve been putting on weight and the last time I went to the doctor’s, I found out I was deficient in at least two vitamins! I can no longer allow my body to be in this condition.

So from now no-more takeaways!

Today, I made a very delicious pasta dish with pork belly and vegetables.

This recipe serves two


  • 2 Pork belly slices
  • 6 Spring onions
  • 4 Shallots
  • 2 Scotch bonnets
  • 1 clove of Garlic
  • 170g Gluten-free pasta


Maldon salt, mixed herb, black pepper, maple syrup and BBQ sauce

1. Get the BBQ sauce and maple syrup in a bowl, constantly taste it until you get a nice mix. I wanted to give quantities, but to be honest it all depends on you and how much sauce you and how sweet you want it.


1. I’ve got six pieces of belly pork, although you only need two for this recipe. I made excess, because  cook in bulk. I’ll probably use this for another meal or a sandwich.


2. Make little cuts and then rub the herbs, salt and black pepper into the pork. Dip the pork into the marinate and pan fry it! I use coconut oil to fry things these days, make me feel a little less guilty for enjoying fried food.

PhotoGrid_1432474324239 PhotoGrid_1432477046217

3.  Now quickly dice up the shallots, garlic and spring onions.

4. Once you have done that, you can boil the pasta, I used gluten-free pasta ( not by choice, but because gluten doesn’t agree with my stomach). While the pasta is boiling, fry the shallots and garlic.


5. Drain the pasta, place the vegetables on top of the pasta and slice one of the pork belly pieces and place on the side. My pork is on top of pasta, that’s why it looks like so much . In reality, it’s not a lot of meat which is good as pork can be quite fatty.

I’m no Master Chef and I was a little worried about not having an actual sauce for the pasta – gluten free pasta can be quite dry in a way. However, my risk paid off and the vegetables worked well. I didn’t need a sauce and the meal wasn’t dry.


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